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Everyone is Unbreakable and we all have a story to tell. This platform was developed from a perspective of pain, hardship, failure, and lack of fulfillment. We are on a mission to provide value and impact to our audience by diving into the minds and souls of inspiring individuals who have discovered their true purpose to fulfillment through overcoming adversity, failure and perseverance. 

These UNBREAKABLES are living testaments of turning tragedy intro triumph, bringing their life experiences, success stories, and entrepreneurial breakthroughs to the table. Regardless of the odds stacked against them, these UnBreakables did not allow their circumstances to define them, however, they pushed past their pain to overcoming all obstacles in order to reach their pinnacle of success. 

The UnBreakables Podcast has been a passion of ours for quite some time now. We are coming to you as life learners and we will be documenting our journey through the process of taking imperfect action in hopes to inspire, influence, and impact as many lives as possible.  


Jessica Murga

Stay Tunned!

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