2019 Episodes 1-22


-  MIGUEL AGUILAR #01: From Rags to Riches & SLFMD Multimillionaire

-  The UnderGround King #02: Abandoned at 5 to a World-Renowned Artist (Gordon Ramsey, Brad Pitt, JLO)

-  AIRICK GEEE #03: From Lost and Depressed to Song Debut on the Radio

-  ALISHA LOPEZ #04: How a Multi-Figure Fitness Enthusiast Became CEO & Found Her GREATNESS 


-  THE SUTTO TWINS #05: How We Quit Our Serving Jobs To Now Mentored by John Shin

-  THE HELALY BROTHERS #06: How We Escaped a Scarcity Mindset To Being Mentored by Omar Elattar

-  ANDREW CRUZ #07: U.S Marine Sergeant Discusses The Importance of Mindset, Discipline & Leadership

-  EJAY CRUZ #08: How I Went From Registered Nurse Top 100 Podcast Host & Influencer

-  ANNA ROSALES #09: I Quit My 17 Year Law Enforcement Career & Pension to Pursue Fulfillment  

- SAM BAKHTIAR #10: First Bodybuilder in HISTORY to WIN a 1st Place Title in Each & Every Weight Class 

-  ANDY CARTER #11: From Humble Beginnings to Real Estate Expert, Author & Key Note Speaker Strategist 

-  RAFA BARRAGAN #12: Tattooing Out of My Garage To Owning Successful Illuminati Tattoo Lounge In O.C.


-  OMAR ELATTAR #13: From Lost, Broke and Depressed to Interviewing $10-Billion Dollar Entrepreneurs 

-  DONOVAN ARANDA #14: So-Cal Supplements Athlete and Body Builder Competitor to Charged Nutrition CEO

-  MISTY DIAZ #15: How I Went From 28 Surgeries to U.S. Top Adaptive Athlete (Competed Over 260+ Races)

-  JENNY WORTH #16: Female Fitness Legend to Celebrity Personal Trainer (Lenny Kravitz, Randall Pitch) 


-  MATT PAZ #17: From Defeating Drug Addiction to Kona Iron Man World Championship Qualifier 

-  DAVID ALBANESE #18: How I Went From Dead Broke to Making Millions

-  BILLY ANDERSON #19: From Business to Health and Entrepreneur in the Meal Prep Industry 


-  ANDY AUDATE #20: How I Went From Being Bullied to Making My First $1 Million Dollars At 19 

-  NICHOLAS & AMANDA BAYERLE #22: How We Built a Successful Relationship and Million Dollar Business 

-  PABLO MORENO #21: From Being The Son of a Multimillionaire & Losing It All to Self Made Entrepreneur